How to read a card

All HITTING/OFFENSE cards and PITCHING/DEFENSE cards are color-coded for easy indentification. For example, the "Single" card has a BLUE color bar on the left side as does the "Ground Out" card which is played to overrule it.

All cards have a BASE-RUNNING DIAMOND on the upper left-hand

side, showing if the BATTER is SAFE or OUT when the card is played. A GREEN square means SAFE and a RED square means OUT on the play. On the front of all OFFENSE/HITTING cards there is a thin RED line between the illustration and the text, and on the front of all PITCHING/DEFENSE cards, the line is BLUE, making cards easier to identify while playing the game. Match the STARS on the card diagrams above with the expanations below.


STAR #1 - The name of the OFFENSE/HITTING card (Single), within the color-coded side bar. The side bar of the overruling DEFENSE/PITCHING card (Ground Out) is also blue, making it easy to identify whether you hold the overruling card in your hand.


STAR #2 - The thin line between the illustration and text indicating an OFFENSE/HIITTING or DEFENSE/PITCHING card.

The line on all OFFENSE/HITTING cards is RED and on all PITCHING/DEFENSE cards the line is BLUE.


STAR #3 -  The OFFENSE/HITTING card's primary function and which PITCHING/DEFENSE card overrules it or the PITCHING/DEFENSE card's primary function and which HITTING/OFFENSE card it overrules.


STAR #4 - The base-running diamond with RED or GREEN squares indicating SAFE or OUT when the card is played. RED means OUT and GREEN means SAFE.


STAR #5 - Nifty baseball caption to keep you in the game.