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About Xtra innings

Xtra innings is an action packed baseball card/ board game for all ages!


So if you're a baseball fan, or just eager to get your hands on a board game that duplicates the strategy, pace and emotion of a real baseball game, then  Xtra Innings is for you!


So,match wits with your opponent in a baseball card/board game that duplicates the classic confrontation between PITCHER and HITTER, or OFFENSE and DEFENSE. Xtra innings is a baseball game like no other. The unique PITCHING SEQUENCE is a "brain-teaser" - you choose every pitch and every play! No dice, no luck - just you, your cards and the strategy and intensity of the great game of baseball. It's baseball chess with a touch of poker...and a complete game can be played in less than two hours, by two or four players. So, you think you know baseball? Then step up to the plate  and take your best cut..Xtra Innings - a different way to play the game. Play ball!.


For general information, we may be contacted at coach@xtrainnings.info.

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XTRA INNINGS news group!

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