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Posted May 29th, 2009 by Dwight Baird:

!"Yup, that's right sports fans, XTRA INNINGS just keeps turning up everywhere you look! And there is was again on Sunday, May 26th. Right in the Montreal Gazette...and a rather nice write-up, if I do say so myself...Many thanks to well known Montreal writer, film-maker and man about town, Mr. Bill Brownstein, for coming down to XTRA INNINGS central tp play the game...He had a fine time trying to outwit Mr. Frank during the Pitching Sequence, throwing everything in his arsenal...We let him win, of course, but that is not the reason he wrote about the game - but it might have helped!.But seriously folks, we here down here at the bottom of the hill are very greatful for his time and his writing expertise...Perhaps one day we will once again meet between the  lines for a few more innings! Hey, it's a beautiful day - let's play two!


Check out the article !http://www.xtrainningsgame.com/?m=793&v=198727258948ee31d81c0503.57368139