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Posted November 23rd, 2008 by Dwight Baird:

OUR FIRST SALE! Yes, it was a big day! The game is out, fresh of the press, and the lucky individual to snap up the first copy wa none other than Mr. Pablo Coffey, shown here with François Doré ( aka  The Golden Caribou).


What a grand day! The XTRA INNINGS website is now live and I can update everyone with all the news about this exciting new baseball board game adventure! So, how did it all happened, you ask? Well, one day while I was sitting in my kitchen quietly sipping a cup of tea, the Golden Caribou (aka Francois Doré) came knocking on my door and asked me if I would like to help him on an idea he had for a baseball board game. The rest, as they say, is now history. XTRA INNINGS was born and we are now going in to the production stage. Exciting? Well, I guess so! Hold on to your batting helmets, the ride is just starting. Catch the fever! Well, a lot has happened here in the XTRA INNINGS dugout since I last stepped up to the plate. We have concluded a working relationship with BASEBALL CANADA and they re now a part of the XTRA INNINGS team. Yes, they really like the game and XTRA INNINGS is now a game OFFICIALLY APPROVED by their organization. It is the first time they have ever done something like this, and we are pretty proud of it and are looking forward to working with them to spread the gospel of baseball and XTRA INNINGS far and wide...


Hey again campers! Well, BIG NEWS! THE GAME IS OUT! ORDER NOW AND ORDER OFTEN! Yes  the chicken has hatched and  isout of the nest....a pretty exciting day, to say the least. ..and we have actually made our FIRST SALE! Yes, our dear friend, Mr Pablo Coffey is the lucky individual who bought the FIRST ACTUAL COPY OF XTRA INNINGS! The photo will soon be uploaded to document this truly historic event... Hey, you could be the second! Don't get left behind!


More big news! Mr Frank (aka the Golden Caribou) and I are heading off to Las Vegas to offically launch the game at the upcoming GAMA trede show! Yes sir...Las Vegas...wow...look at all them lights! These are indeed exciting times! Oh, and did I already tell you? THE XTRA INNINGS BOARD GAME IS OUT! Just making sure.....